We have a wide selection of solar products ranging from the latest and most efficient monocrystalline solar panels to the latest hybrid inverters. Below is some of our popular products with their datasheets and detailed information. If you can't see what you are after below, reach out to us directly to see if we have it.

Solar Panels

Mono PERC Half-Cell Solar Panel

$459$389 Add To Cart

  • Brand :DAH

  • Size :1755×1038×30mm

  • Weight (kg) :19.5

$559$469 Back Order

  • Brand :DAH

  • Size :1903×1134×32mm

  • Weight (kg) :24

Here at Roar Power we use the latest and highest quality panels available. Our 460w full screen panels are a very new release and we are one of the first in the world to get access to them. Not only do they have a very high module efficiency, but they also have no lip and have a smooth edge. This prevents dust and water build up and in turn increasing the power generated over time (6.15% increase in power from testing).

Available in a black frame, these panels are the highest quality we have tested. They often produce over 475W of power even in winter and are great in the morning and dusk. We also some 345w, 375w, 450w and 460w panels. If you need a different size, please ask.

We provide discounts based on number of panels needed. If you require more than just one, let us know and we will let you know what kind of discount we can offer.

  • Meets all NZ Solar Panel Standards
  • 12 year material & technology warranty
  • 25 year linear power output warranty (84.8% after 25 years)
Class A
No.of Cells 120
Maximum system voltage 1000V/1500V DC
Operating Temperature -40 ~ +85℃
Maximum Power (Pmax) 380W 460W
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) 41.4V 42.0V
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 34.6V 35.6V
Short-circuit Current (Isc) 11.48A 13.78A
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 10.98A 12.92A
Module Efficiency (%) 20.86% 21.24%
Certifications TÜV Nord IEC 61215/61730
Solar Panel Mounting

Roof Mounting Rails + Attachments

$149$99 Add To Cart

  • Brand :Chiko

  • Standards :AS/NZS 1170

High quality universal mounting system that can be used on steel and tin roofs. Components that are included are as follows. We also have tilt legs and ground mountings options extras. Please contact us about these.

  • Rails (1.2m for one panel systems otherwise 2.2m or 2.4m)
  • Rail Splice Kit (for more than 2 panels)
  • Mid Clamps (for more than 1 panel)
  • End Clamps
  • L Feet + Hanger Bolts
  • Grounding Clips (for more that 2 panels)
  • Grounding Lugs
  • 4 or 6mm Grounding wire clips
  • Steel zip ties

Vehicle Mounting Kit

$49$39 Add To Cart

  • Pieces :7

Super easy to mount solar panels to your vehicle using this kit. Just need some Sikaflex-221 or or similar polyurethane adhesive.

Comes with:

  • Four corner pieces.
  • Two side pieces.
  • IP67 water proof cable entry housing.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :325*170*220mm

  • Weight (kg) :12.8

  • Nominal Voltage (V):25.6

  • Energy (Wh):1280


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :520*235*220mm

  • Weight (kg) :22

  • Nominal Voltage (V):25.6

  • Energy (Wh):3072


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :639*245*220mm

  • Weight (kg) :37

  • Nominal Voltage (V):51.2

  • Energy (Wh):6144


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :440*460*250mm

  • Weight (kg) :40

  • Nominal Voltage (V):51.2

  • Energy (Wh):6144


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :

  • Weight (kg) :

  • Nominal Voltage (V):51.2

  • Energy (Wh):6144


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :

  • Weight (kg) :

  • Nominal Voltage (V):51.2

  • Energy (Wh):18432


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :

  • Weight (kg) :

  • Nominal Voltage (V):51.2

  • Energy (Wh):24576


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :

  • Weight (kg) :

  • Nominal Voltage (V):51.2

  • Energy (Wh):35328


  • Brand :Roar Power

  • Size :

  • Weight (kg) :

  • Nominal Voltage (V):51.2

  • Energy (Wh):47104

LiFePO4 batteries are both lighter, safer, last longer and don't get damaged if you fully discharge them. It really doesn't make sense to use lead acid batteries these days. They might be a little bit more expensive, but if you take their lifespan into account, then the tables are turned and LiFePO4 batteries again win (CATL LiFePO4 cells are designed to last well over 10 years with every day use). You also need to remember that lead acid batteries can only be discharged to 50%, halving their claimed capacity.

We have also decided to use LiFePO4 cells from CATL. CATL are the most respected maker of LiFePO4 cells in the world. It is the same company that provides cells to Telsa. They do come at a premium cost, but we try and keep our margins low to help make them affordable. You will be hard pressed to find better quality in New Zealand.

Each of our batteries comes with a premium smart battery management system to make sure your batteries last the distance.

If you get one of our metal cased, wall mounted or rack mounted batteries, it comes with communication ports that allow communication with each other and also to your inverter.

Max Continuous Discharge Current 150A
Max Continuous Charge Current 100A
Cycle Life 3500 (80% DOD)
Internal Impedance ≤80mΩ
Charge Voltage 28V 56V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 22V 44V
Charge Temperature 0°C to 60 °C
Discharge Temperature -20°C to 60 °C
Growatt (Hybrid Inverter)

Growatt SPF ES Series

$2499$2299 Add To Cart

  • Model :Growatt SPF 5000 ES

  • Size :330×485×135mm

  • Weight (kg) :12

**NEW** This is the lastest Hybrid Inverter model from Growatt for off-grid and on-grid solutions. They are Clean Energy Council approved and are very popular and were hard to get a lot of. Not surprising as they have great reviews, versatile and don't break the bank.

These are perfect for those who want to remain on the grid as security or would like the option to plug in a generator when their battery bank is running low.

One of the great features of this unit is that even though it is a hybrid inverter, it doesn't require you to have batteries. So if you can't afford batteries yet, you can start by using it with solar and having the power grid as backup until you want to unlock it's full potential by adding batteries as well.

What batteries? Amazingly you can use lead acid or lithium (any brand), unlike a lot of brands that limit you to using their own batteries (big cost saving potential here).

This unit comes with a wifi adapter that lets you get a complete overview of your usage and how many kWh you as saving from your power bill.

These units can also be chained together. So if 5kw is not enough to power your heavy equipment you can link two together and now you have 10kw. You can link up to six of these units and if you link at least three then you can set them up to run as a three phase system. You can watch a video about the Growatt SPF ES here.

Battery input voltage range 48V
Battery type Lead-acid/Lithium/User
Maximum Solar Array 6000W
MPPT working voltage 120-430V
Solar Charge Current 100A
AC Charge Current 80A
Peak Inverter efficiency 93%
Surge Power 10000W
Operating temperature range 0℃~+55℃
Victron (Combined unit)

Victron EasySolar

$3549 Add To Cart

  • Model :Victron EasySolar II 3kVA

  • Size :506×275×237mm

  • Weight (kg) :26

$5729 Add To Cart

  • Model :Victron EasySolar 5kVA

  • Size :887×328×241mm

  • Weight (kg) :48

Victron make great gear. There is no doubt about it. It does cost a bit more but if you have the funds and don't want to run your solar array over 120v then this would be a great option that is going to get you great efficiencies. If you go with EasySolar 5kVA you not only get the charge controller and inverter built in but you also get all the AC distribution setup included leaving you with a very tidy setup.

Battery input voltage range 38-66V
Continuous Output Power @ 25℃ 2400W 4000W
Battery type Lead-acid/Lithium/User
Maximum Solar Array 4000W 6000W
Maximum solar voltage 250V
Solar Charge Current 70A 100A
AC Charge Current 35A 70A
Peak Inverter efficiency 95%
Surge Power 5500W 10000W
Operating temperature range -40℃~+65℃
Charge Controllers

MPPT Charge Controllers

$205 Add To Cart

  • Model :Victron SmartSolar 15A

  • Size :100×113×40mm

  • Weight (kg) :0.5

$400 Add To Cart

  • Model :Victron SmartSolar 30A

  • Size :130×186×70mm

  • Weight (kg) :1.3

$439$389 Add To Cart

  • Model :Tracer5415AN

  • Size :261×216×119mm

  • Weight (kg) :3.5

$499$459 Back Order

  • Model :Tracer6415AN

  • Size :340×236×119mm

  • Weight (kg) :4.5

$820$799 Add To Cart

  • Model :Tracer8415AN

  • Size :394×240×134mm

  • Weight (kg) :6.1

$999$899 Add To Cart

  • Model :Tracer10415AN

  • Size :394×242×143mm

  • Weight (kg) :7.4

We believe Victron makes the best product at this amperage range. It may be smaller than other units, but this unit really packs a punch and delivers on it's fast MPPT tracking capability to squeeze out the most power from your panels. They are also very well constructed and maintenance free. Some of ours have been running for years buried underground and haven't missed a beat. This is the Smart version of the unit which means you can connect to it using your phone over bluetooth to check on it for program it.

We have found the ePever Tracer-AN series to give the great conversion efficiency, flexibility, reliability for a price that won't break the bank. They come with a dual-core processor and use multiphase synchronous rectification technology (MSRT) and advanced MPPT control algorithm that helps achieve their extremely high conversion efficiency rates.

It comes with an adaptive three-stage charging mode that can effectively prolong the life-cycle of battery and significantly improve the system performance. They work perfectly with both lead acid and lithium (including LiFePO4) and allows you to easily interface with devices such as the MT50 (check Charge Controller Accessories).

Battery input voltage range <100V <100V 8V~68V 8V~68V/td> 8V~68V 8V~68V
Battery type Lead-acid (Sealed(Default)/Gel/Flooded)/Lithium (LiFePO4/ Li(NiCoMn)O2)/User
Rated charge power 220W/12V
Max. conversion efficiency 98% 98% 98.3% 98.6% 98.5% 98.6%
Self-consumption 19mA/12V
Operating temperature range -40℃~+60℃ -40℃~+60℃ -25℃~+60℃(Derate above 45℃) -25℃~+60℃(Derate above 45℃) -25℃~+60℃(Derate above 45℃) -25℃~+60℃(Derate above 45℃)
Charge Controller Accessories

Epever MT50

$45$39 Add To Cart

  • Brand :Epever

  • Size :135×135×80mm

  • Weight (kg) :0.355

This is the remote display unit for ePever charge controllers, including the Tracer units that we sell here. It gives you a real time display of what is going on in your system and comes with a 2 metre cable to mount it somewhere where you can quickly check on the health of your solar system. It also allows you to change lots of settings on your charge controller to make everything run as optimal as possible.

Epever wifi ebox

$50$39 Add To Cart

  • Brand :Epever

  • Size :145×130×55mm

  • Weight (kg) :0.185

This is similar to the MT50, but instead of a screen display it allows your phone to connect to the system over wifi in order to configure or monitor your charge controller or inverter.


ePever Pure Sine Wave Inverter

$420$380 Add To Cart

  • Model :IP1500-22

  • Size :284.7×231.5×98.5mm

  • Weight (kg) :3.9

$599$499 Back Order

  • Model :IP2000-22/42

  • Size :326.1×231.5×98.5mm

  • Weight (kg) :4.6

$1019$849 Add To Cart

  • Model :IP3000-41-Plus

  • Size :516x231.5x123mm

  • Weight (kg) :8

This is EpSolar's latest inverter model with a bunch of features you can't go wrong with. Some of these include input and output electrical isolation, adoption of advanced SPWM technology (pure sine wave output), low no load consumption of power, high conversion efficiency, input voltage (low or high) protection and over temperature protection.

This is EpSolar's advanced inverter model with all the IPower features plus a bunch more including input surge current suppression for lithium batteries, short circuit protection, remote control through RS485 port, external switch port and an LCD screeen (which automatically rotates).

No-load current
Input Voltage Range 21.6~32VDC 21.6~32VDC or 43.2~60VDC 43.2~60VDC
Output Continuous Power 1200W 1600W 3000W
Output Power 15min 1500W 2000W
Surge Power 2400W 3200W 6000W
Max. Efficiency 93% 95% >93.5%
No-load current <1A <0.6A (24V) <0.4 (48V) <0.4
USB Output Port 5V Max 1A
Mounting dimension 163×219.5mm 208×219.5mm 490x145mm
Mounting hole size Φ5.5mm Φ6mm
Circuit Breakers

2 Pole DC Circuit Breakers


  • Brand :Suntree

  • Size :80mm*71mm*35mm

  • Weight (kg) :0.24

  • Standard :IEC60947-2


  • Brand :Suntree

  • Size :80mm*71mm*35mm

  • Weight (kg) :0.24

  • Standard :IEC60947-2


  • Brand :Suntree

  • Size :80mm*71mm*35mm

  • Weight (kg) :0.24

  • Standard :IEC60947-2


  • Brand :Suntree

  • Size :80mm*71mm*35mm

  • Standard :IEC60947-2

$149 Add To Cart

  • Brand :Suntree

  • Size :90mm*200mm*86mm

  • Standard :IEC60947-2

These circuit breakers have SAA certification for use in New Zealand. The IEC60947-2 standard covers use the difficult industrial applications in humid and harsh environments. They have a very long mechanical lifetime and suit very well to solar applications such as off-grid solar.

Rated Voltage 550V 1000V
Machanical Lifetime 20000
Ambient temperature(℃) -20 - 70
Curve Type C

9 Way Distribution box


  • Brand :SunTree

  • Size :219mm*200mm*100mm

Made from PC, this box is IP65, fire resistant and has good UV protection. Inside is the standard rail and we include two sets of copper busbars as they might come in handy for your application.