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Solar System Generator

We understand working out what you need for your solar installation can be quite tricky. Please pick from one of the common scenarios and then feel free to fine tune your setup with the filters below. If you are still not sure you have what you need just click the chat box in the bottom left and we can double check that you are on the right track for your solar goals.

Solar System Options


Solar Panels

Charge Controller

Lithium Battery

Inverter (Battery)



Copper Earth Rod

DC-DC Step Down


Circuit Breakers

Total Price $1999Incl. GST

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Why Roar Power

At Roar Power, we are passionate about the environment (we are active supporters of kiwi conservation) and would love to see more of New Zealand use solar power. We also understand installing solar can be expensive and out of reach for a lot of people in New Zealand. We have therefore done our best to cut costs where we can and also create solar solutions people can DIY to save even more costs. You will be happy to know we didn't cut corners on quality though and use quality and long lasting solar equipment. So whether you want to power your house, motorhome, boat or your off-grid holiday home from renewable sources, we are here to help.

Quality components like quality solar panels
Premium Quality

You will see from our products that we don't cut corners. We pick products that will not only last but also products that are the very top of their field.

Lithium Batteries
We Use Lithium

Lead Acid batteries are heavy and don't have a good life span. Not only this, you can only use 50% of their charge or risk damaging them. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) on the other hand is safe and lasts for thousands of cycles, even if you discharge them completely.

Complete solar system
Clean and Complete

Other solar kits you see online will only give you the bare minimum to get you running. We provide everything you need for a clean solution. This includes busbars, circuit breakers + housing, earthing cables, wire lugs, heat shrink and even ferrules to keep connections clean and safe.

Don't need a complete solar system?

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